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A Collaboration of Lutheran Churches in Richfield


Woodlake Lutheran Church - 7525 Oliver Avenue South

Oak Grove Lutheran Church - 7045 Lyndale Avenue South

House of Prayer Lutheran Church - 7625 Chicago Avenue South


Purpose: As Lutheran Churches in Richfield, we are feeling called by God and each other to be a stronger, more vibrant, more relevant presence in our community. By working together, we hope to energize our members to more deeply know God and each other, find new and different ways to grow and share our faith. We also seek to meet people in our community in the places and ways that are most needed and desired.


What a joy it was to gather together for worship at Veteran’s Park in August. Our three congregations gathered as one to sing, pray, and enjoy fellowship with one another. These public gatherings are a highlight for many, but great work continues to take place within our Collaboration Task Force. Our group has continued to meet and explore the ways our collaboration efforts can be most faithful and fruitful. We are entering a time of mutual exploration and learning within our three churches. Through a process of listening and learning from one another, we hope to discover new ways we can cooperate. More specifically, we will be sending teams of three (one from each church) to learn where our similarities and differences lie and how we might seek to coordinate in the future. These listening teams will meet with pastors, staff, elected leaders, ministry leaders, and members from each congregation. We will seek to learn about one another’s worship life, leadership structures, ministry efforts, and more. This is all for simply gathering information and looking for new ways to expand our collaboration efforts. At the end of the listening phase, we will review our learnings and discern next steps. We will offer a report of our findings to the congregations and seek input on moving forward. Let us know if you have questions or concerns.


God’s Peace, The Collaboration Task Force

Oak Grove: Pastor Tom Zarth, Julie Tvete, Mike Tveite, Bonnie Oien

Woodlake: Pastor Micah Pearson, Laurel Johnson, Scott Dahlquist

House of Prayer: Pastor Ben Sandin, Cara Wright

Outdoor Worship at Veterans Park