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Founded in 1935, Oak Grove is part of the Minneapolis Area Synod within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

About Oak Grove Lutheran Church

Vision Statement


​Oak Grove Lutheran Church is a congregation called by God, blessed with new life in Christ, and led by God's Spirit. In response to what God has done for us, we hold this vision for Oak Grove:​

  • We will learn and grow in our relationship with God, both as individuals and as a congregation

  • We will be a warm and accepting community, reflecting and proclaiming God's gracious love in a spirit of celebration.

  • We will compassionately address the hurts and hopes of the community and world around us.

​A Brief History of Oak Grove

In 1934, when Richfield was mostly woods and farmland, two people dreamed of starting a church closer to their home on Oak Grove Boulevard than their congregation on the West Bank in Minneapolis. And they made it happen.

It started small, nine kids in Sunday School in their living room. Next, their mothers started what they called a “Ladies Aid” and before they knew it a choir had formed. A building came next—a small structure built by volunteers—and by October of 1935 Oak Grove Lutheran Church was officially organized as part of what was known as The Lutheran Free Church.

Oak Grove’s story through the years is one of people serving and worshipping together, adapting to the changing times and needs of the community and world around us. We’ve supported mission work in places like Hong Kong, the Central African Republic and China as well as local ministries like Meals on Wheels or our transitional housing program for families in need here in Richfield. We appreciate the deep traditions of Lutheran music and liturgy, and have embraced more contemporary worship styles as times change. We live and serve in the community at large, but value our connections with our neighbors around us.

It can be said that not one decade of our history has been just like the last one. So we look forward eagerly and hopefully to whatever lies ahead, and to how we can participate God’s mission in the world in the days to come.

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