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There are many transitions happening at Oak Grove. As part of that we have assembled a Transition Team to guide us through the process.

Transition Team Highlights from February 20 and March 11

  • All team members present at both meetings

  • Pastor Lee outlined the Interim Time as ideally a God-given time of reflection. It is an unhurried process in which the congregation has the opportunity to:

    1. Help one another heal​

    2. Look at itself ( Who are we? ) What is our reason for being? What is God calling the congregation to be about for God?

    3. Gather data

    4. Prepare the Ministry Site Profile

    5. Prepare for a new or renewed vision and new leadership

  • Key work the Transition Team will focus on:​

    • Listen and gather feelings​

    • Help the congregation be ready to be at the best place we can be when we welcome the new pastor

    • Update the congregational membership

    • Increase transparency by ensuring that the congregation is kept appraised of the process and what is coming next

    • Communication​

  • Making plans for the Church Assessment Tool that will take place May 5 through June 2​

Church Assessment Is Closed
Transition Team

The members of the Transition team include:

Kristin Olson

Morva Klein

Julie Tvete

Hermes Radison

Mike Stok

Mike Tveite

Pastor Lee Hallstrom

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition process feel free to talk with any of those on the Transition Team.

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